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No Light at the End of the Tunnel Yet for the Global Semiconductor Shortage

In July, the global semiconductor shortage hit a milestone when the news broke that OEMs like...

Massive fire at Chinese polysilicon plant

Daqo New Energy, a Chinese manufacturer of high-purity polysilicon, has been pointed out as the...

The Global Semiconductor Shortage Could Extend Into 2023

Keith Noonan

Carmakers Forced by Chip Crisis to Rethink Just-In-Time Ordering

A century after automakers showed the world the value of assembly-line manufacturing, a shortage of...

Gartner says chip shortage to persist until 2Q22

By the looks of it we will have to deal with the global semiconductor shortage for the remainder of...

The chip shortage could lead to an era of hardware innovation

by: Stacey Higginbotham

Automakers to Blame for Semiconductor Shortage

Automakers worldwide have scaled back production due to a shortage of semiconductors. Companies...

Texas freeze shuts chip factories amid shortages

A fierce winter storm has closed computer-chip facilities in Texas, amid a global chip crisis.

Worldwide Chip Shortage Strains Auto Manufacturers

A global silicon chip crisis is making life difficult for automakers right now as they scramble to...